About Us

The Brenham Maifest Association Mission Statement:

“To promote appreciation of the cultural heritage of Washington County by continuing the annual Brenham Maifest celebration and expanding its activities; and to enrich the lives of the citizens of the county, with particular emphasis on the youth of our community; and to receive gifts, donations and funds for these purposes.”

With these words, our Board, Royalty families, supporters, and friends work diligently each year to create a festival that highlights the spirit and celebrates the heritage of our community.

The Brenham Maifest organization is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The annual Maifest is produced through the generosity of many underwriters, volunteers, and supporters. Monies generated by the festival are returned into the community through scholarships and donations benefitting the youth.


Chairman of the Board: Dr. Heather Thielemann
President: Catherine Kenjura
Presidents Emeritus: Richard O’Malley,  Steve Westbrook, John Barnhill, Jr., Gregg Appel, Charles Schubert, Gary Sonnenburg, Bill Betts, Sudie Stark
Vice Presidents: Stacey Schulte Walters, Kristen Westbrook, Keith Behrens
Treasurer: Reagan McIntyre
Secretary: Jamie Rankin

Directors of the Brenham Maifest Association


Keith Behrens
Wesley Brinkmeyer
Jeff McVean
Josh Hyatt
Catherine Kenjura
Jamie Rankin
Ashley Sulik
Jamie Priesmeyer


Dottie Schaer
Dr. Robert Stark
Melanie Roberts
Tee Dippel
Cheryl Tiemann
Shannon Webb
Lance Kuecker
Stacey Schulte Walters
Kristen Westbrook


Lea Bartay
Reagan McIntyre
Tres Masser
Amber Westerfeld
Brandon Gonzales
Cayte Neil
Adrienne Siemsglusz
Lauren Alfred

Directors Emeritus

Chris Cangelosi, Robin Cook, John Hermann, Susie Houston, Lori Hasskarl, Joe Al Picone, Gary Rothermel, Charlyn Schoenvogel, Arlen Thielemann, Dr. Deanna Alfred, and Jane Barnhill

It is with deep sadness we said goodbye in 2019 to Dr. Wilfred Dietrich, Director Emeritus of the Brenham Maifest organization.
His love for and dedication to Maifest was second to none. He will be missed.

Past Presidents

1948 Leon Simank, President of the Municipal Swimming Pool Association
1949 Reese B. Lockett, General Chairman; Leon Simank
1950 Reese B. Lockett, Leon Simank
1951 Gus Grabow
1952 George A. Cushman
1953 Reese Lockett
1954-1955 B. P. Greenwade
1956-1959 J.W. Barnhill
1960 Milton Routt
1961-1965 J.W. Barnhill
1966-1968 Milton Routt
1969-1979 Dr. Delbert H. Stark and Mrs. Sudie Stark

1980-1982 John W. Barnhill, Jr.
1983-1985 Ben E. Boettcher
1986-1988 H.E. Pflughaupt
1989-1991 Gregg Appel
1992-1994 Charles Lane Schubert
1995-1997 Gary Sonnenburg
1998-2000 Bill Betts
2001-2003 Richard O’Malley
2004-2010 Steve Westbrook
2011-2017 Dr. Heather Thielemann
2018-Current Catherine Kenjura