Walking Tour

Our downtown retailers graciously share their valuable window space with Brenham Maifest every Spring and showcase the regal attire of former Maifest royalty. The displays make for a wonderful morning of walking and taking in all the glitz and glamour of these magnificent works of art. 

KWHI/KTEX 223 E. Main
Jared Brad Tomachesky
2003 Junior King Festive Fantasies

Washington County Abstract 211 E. Main
Miriam Cangelosi
2007 Junior Queen www.maifest2007.fun

Peter Emerson Silversmith 205 E. Main
Robert S. Stark, Sr.
1974 Senior King The Court of Medieval Enchantment
Robert S. Stark, Jr.
2004 Junior King Magical Maifest Memories

Faskes Jewlery 210 E. Main
Corby Alfred
1990 Junior King A Carousel of Memories
Kurt Alfred
1993 Junior King Journeys In Sunny Days & Starry Nights

Compass Country Properties Group 106 N. Baylor
2021 Senior Kings Royal Family
John Bolling Schaer, III
1997 Senior King Viva Las Vegas

Wilmark Homes 101 South Baylor
25th Anniversary Junior King
Adam Borgchardt O’Malley
1996 Junior King An Adventure Down The Yeallow Brick Road

Plan North S. Baylor
Benjamin Brooks Rogas
2015 Junior King Maifest Express! “Season Ticket To Fun”
Grant Edward Rogas
2015 Junior King Maifest Express! “Season Ticket To Fun”

Tres Chic 201 W. Main
Winston Charles Walters
2009 Junior King Candyland
Stacey Schulte Walters
1976 Junior Queen Happy Birthday America
Stephanie Schulte Kaiser
1989 Senior Queen The Court of Memories
John Andrew Schulte
1990 Senior King Court of Araby
Mary Kate Walters
2004 Junior Queen Court of Magical Maifest Memories

Betts, Walters & Mutscher 115 E. Main
2021 Junior Queen’s Royal Family:
Catherine Sue “Cayte” Betts Neil
1994 Junior Queen A Celebration of Imagination
William Harvey “Will” Betts, III
2000 Junior King Imagine the Possibilities

Glissmanns 106 E. Main
Glissmann Family Memories

Simon Theater Corner 111 W. Main
Caleb Scott Rodenbeck
2014 Senior King Celebrations Across Texas

Washington County Vistors Center 115 W. Main
Sarah Rothermel
2001 Senior Queen A Timeless Journey
Jared Jones
2001 Senior King A Timeless Journey

Pomegranite 203 W. Alamo
Jarvis Wade Van Dyke
1991 Senior King 
A Celebration of Renaissance Royalty

Padgett Hearing Center 103 W. Alamo
Kevin Schubert
1995 Senior King 
Hooray for Hollywood
25th Jr. Royalty Anniversary

Sweet Repeats 104 E. Alamo Street
Haley Anne Urquhart
1998 Junior Queen Adventures in Wonderland

Hermann’s Furniture 213 West Alamo
2020 Royalty Display April 23rd -May 9th
Harper Huckert
Tieman “Ty” Dippel IV
2020 Junior King and Queen 
Game Night
Annie Clepper
Cole Ragonis
2020 Senior King and Queen 
Maifest 2020: Our Jungle Journey

2021 Royalty Display May 9th – May 17th
Dinah Grace Sue Neil
John Paul Kenjura
2021 It
’s A Small World
Clara Ashley Hamilton
Carter Houston McVean
2021 Senior King and Queen Court of “British Invasion”

Mockingbird Nest Studio 206 E. Alamo
Paul Ashley Ehlert
1965 Junior King Court of Maifest Memories

Brunmillers Soapworks 212 West Alamo
50th Jr. Royalty Anniversary
Kay Lyn Schwartz Murphy
Craig Allen Ahrens
1971 Junior King and Queen 
With A Song In My Heart

50th Sr. Royalty Anniversary
Charlyn Rosenbaum Schoenvogel
Charles Walter Schwartz
1971 Senior King and Queen 
Enchanted Reveries

Scrubs & Stuff Boutique 214 West Alamo
Emma Kate McIntyre
Kennedy Elizabeth Tilley
2015 Junior Queens Maifest Express! “Season Ticket To Fun”

Canyon Chick 220 E. Alamo
Juiana Christine Stark Wanek
1999 Senior Queen Celebrating the Century

Southern Fox 202 W. Alamo
Swayzee Grace Huckert
2018 Junior Queen The Great Outdoors

The Gerke Law Firm, PLLC 101 E. Commerce
Noah Lee Ragonis
2018 Senior King Our Excellent Adventure
2021 Senior Queens Royal Family:
Chloe Katherine Hamilton
2019 Senior Queen Glamour and the Great Outdoors
Chad Haydon
1983 Junior King A Court of A Small World

Ant Street Inn 107 West Commerce
Gretchen Madison West
Halen Scott Tilley
2015 Senior King and Queen “Brenham Maifest 125 Our Hometown Rocks!”

Cathleen Cook Redus
Derrick Box
1995 Junior King and Queen A Circus Spectacular

25th Anniversary
Sarah Elizabeth Seidel Brieden
Kristopher Scott Ehlert
1996 Senior King and Queen Sea Paradise

Cedar Frame Real Estate 117 West Commerce
Isabelle Hyatt
Jack William Rogas
2019 Junior King and Queen  Once Upon a Story Time

Schleiders Furniture Company 207 S. Austin
2021 Junior King’s Family Royalty
Charles Atwood Kenjura
2018 Junior King The Great Outdoors
Paul “Rocky” Francis LaRoche IV
1999 Junior King 
Celebrating the Century
Kathryn Kenjura Hall
1995 Junior Queen Hooray for Hollywood
Paul F. LaRoche III
1970 Senior King Kingdom of Celestrial Realms

Brenham National Bank 2211 S. Day
Victoria Taylor Dippel 
2017 Junior Queen A Ticket to Ride
Tieman “Tee” Henry Dippel, III
1986 Junior King Texas Our Texas
Margaret “Meg” Dippel Voelter
1983 Junior Queen A Court of a Small World

Brenham Heritage Museum 2020 Anniversary Collection

The Brenham Heritage Museum houses a wonderful collection of Maifest memorabilia, from programs, scripts, mantles, scepters, trains, and more. You can view the selection of the 2020 Anniversary years clicking the button below.